Sunday, 8 July 2012

Music Review: JISM2

All the songs of the album are good and why wouldn’t they be, after all they are from Bhatt camp and I am quite sure that like all other music albums from Bhatt camp, this one will also leave an everlasting impression on the heart and mind of the listeners.

Jism 2
First song of the album is “Abhi abhi” sung by K.K. which is a slow mood song. Superb lyrics and voice of K.K. has made the song a nice one.
“Yeh Kasoor” sung by Sonu Kakkar and”Maula” sung by Ali Azmat are also good numbers.
The next is the title song “Ye Jism hai to kya” sung by Ali Azmat which is the best one from the album. I like it the most and you also will like it for sure.
There are two other songs in the album “Darta hoon” sung by Rushk and “Hey Walla” sung by Unoosha which I will say are average in lyrics and quality, but still worth listening.
Abhi Abhi (Duet) sung by K.K. and Shreya Goshal is also a nice version of the song “abhi abhi”.

Overall all the songs are good, I like all of them, hope you too will like them.

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  1. Hi Atul your are saying right all songs are very nice and music is very good and heart touching, i am just waiting for the movie hope so movie is also very good according to songs thanks for providing such a nice informative and keep update me always with new information.