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2 States Movie vs. 2 States Novel

2 States movie, which was released on April 17, 2014, has already become a hit. The movie recently entered the reputed 100 crore club in Bollywood. 2 States is based on the bestselling novel with the same title by Author ‘Chetan  Bhagat’. While adapting a novel into a movie, filmmakers tend to avoid some scenes or short stories or just change a thing. Here, we talk about the scenes that were different in ‘2 States’ movie than that in the novel.

2 States: Movie vs. Novel

I won’t say that the ‘2 States’ movie is far different from the novel as the basic plot and story is the same, but the negative thing about a movie is that it is limited and sometimes filmmakers may have to remove some scenes in order to keep the movie in its limits. This is what was done with the story of ‘2 States’

College part: The first thing I noticed in the movie that the college part and the initial phase of the love story were minimized like director was trying to reach the family part very soon. There were some intimate and touching moments in the novel that you wouldn’t want to miss, but won’t find in the movie.

Love Moments: Those special moments where love grew up between Krish and Ananya, were catching and actually special. Those little fights, love, lunch, dinner, etc, but I can understand that you cannot include these little things in a movie as there are certain boundaries of time.

Cast: Alia Bhatt did a good job as Ananya, but she failed to portrait herself as a “madrasan” while Arjun Kapoor was just ok in his role of Krish. Frankly, Arjun kapoor doesn’t look like a very romantic guy and has already built an image of Rowdy of Aurangzeb and Gunday.  Still, he tried his best. Rest film cast was just suitable for their roles.

Overall, I would say that the ‘2 States’ was a good attempt to adapt the novel. I honestly loved that novel and I loved the movie too, but it was still nothing as compare to the novel. But, it is always a nice thing to watch a story playing in a movie rather than reading it.

You can watch the Official trailer of 2 States movie here

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